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(different anon does a redo!) Your piece on the friend zone was quite possibly the most magical thing I have read in ages. You obviously understand male motivations and construct logical arguments based on the evidence that almost all men are misogynists. I hope you get others to rethink their arguments in the future.

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I was tired. And I was sad. And angry, and desperate. But I was not only these things; they were not the sum total of my being. I was also passionate and funny and driven and I had fortitude, and all of these things remain true. I am passionate, funny, and driven, with fortitude. And I am sad.

It’s all right to be all of these things. I am painfully aware that my fortitude has gotten me this far, but it may not get me all the way. I am painfully aware that in my family depression is more pervasive than cancer and more lethal. I am painfully aware that one day, this thing that lives in me — that waits, onerous and unquiet, even when I am at my best — may kill me. I am doing everything in my power to keep that from happening. The silver lining of this is that it is responsible for a capacity I have for endless compassion, one I’ve tried to put to good use, as it’s a gift I don’t want to waste. I don’t see myself as tragic, and I don’t want to be seen as tragic. Tragedy has a tendency to objectify.

A lot of us don’t want our stories to be told posthumously, and so we must keep telling them. Every day. Every week. Even when, especially when, they do not seem particularly important or timely.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Depression

I wrote this on Medium, and it’s not exactly my best piece of writing, but one of those things you just gotta write.

I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??

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there’s a bail and legal fund that’s been set up for those who’ve been arrested 

this person is trying to organize a food drive for school kids in ferguson

national moment of silence 2014 (for victims of police brutality) 

share the following: 

videos of what has happened

links to articles

how to make a tear gas mask

livestream link to the peaceful protests

you know what? i just ate a little bowl of reddi whip. because I can. And you made me realize that no matter how much whipped cream I eat and no matter how much weight i may gain, I am freaking gorgeous.

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