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[SPOILERS] Let’s be real, here: the hero of The Amazing Spider-Man is Gwen Stacy.

Without her, a lot more people would have died. There would have been no antidote at all. When her life is threatened she evacuates everyone else in the building, gets the room she’s in to lock down in the hopes it will keep her safer and give her more time, and when she realizes that won’t work she steals the device the monster who’s threatening the city is looking for and hides with it. And she doesn’t just sit there, either. When she’s found she uses a blowtorch that she RIGGED TOGETHER to firestorm a human-lizard thing that also happens to be her mentor (who, mind you, wrote her a recommendation so heartfelt and beautiful it made her father cry) in the FACE so that she can do what she needs to do in order to help Peter and save the city. 

AND BEYOND THAT! She makes her own decisions with her boyfriend and her father, she is #1 in her damn class, she has an established internship at one of the most prestigious scientific institutions in the world, and she is what — seventeen?


Let’s just take a moment and reflect on the badassery that is Gwen Stacy, without whom Peter Parker would have been totally screwed.


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    Gwen Stacy is the real hero.
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    Yup, why smart girls gotta die so boys can be “super hero’s”?
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    That was a huge part of why I liked The Amazing Spiderman so much. Mary Jane Watson was nothing near the comicbook...
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    ^ Part of the reason I liked her more than Mary Jane. Other part being she didn’t spend half the movie just screaming.
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    I gotta be honest, Mary Jane in the comics is a badass and a half. The movies really damsel-in-distress-ified her.
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