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ahh! that song that you posted was cool for a bit, but i couldn't help but notice the obvious skinny shaming. she used the term "skinny bitches" and portrayed the skinny woman to be fake, and lacking in substance. I also was put off by her validating her loving her body by saying that men like those bodies better. why does it always have to be about men and pleasing them! whyyyyyy. help, plz explain

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a couple of things to read (tl;dr, skinny shaming is not the same thing as fat shaming and not on the same level of oppression or pervasiveness)

ia that song isn’t as good as it could be and that there are problematic aspects, among them that it promotes a girl-vs-girl aesthetic that I am not into, and I don’t want everything to be about men either! but I reblogged it for a few reasons:

  • the validation of sexual desirability can be a huge part of fat empowerment. i think that’s an important thing to remember in conversations about sexualization and sexuality — validation of desirability is a huge, huge part of many people’s body acceptance journey.
  • media like that doesn’t exist in very great quantities, and spreading it around contributes to success and might lead to more of it. WHO KNOWS.
  • just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean we should totally discount it, imo. most things are problematic. it’s a balancing act.
  • lots and lots of different kinds of bodies and POC! representation is important

granted, I work 12 hour days most of the week and am exhausted nearly all of the time (y’all may have noticed this blog is not nearly as active as it used to be) so I did not actually contribute to the commentary going around on that video, nor did I actively seek out any of the many threads full of great discussion. that’s my bad.

You say, "This is a judgment-free zone" in the "About this site" sidebar. But, as I understand it, in your "Open Letter to Men Who Cry 'Misandry'", you say presumptuous things about men who claim that many women do hateful things against men, and in "Man-Hating 101", you are also presumptuous that an oppressed minority cannot be prejudiced against their oppressors as a whole. My question is, how do these two seemingly judgmental claims of yours line up with this being a judgment-free zone?

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In your upworthy article on wonder woman, how about actually addressing the actual misandry part, since it is a legitimate claimed that you conveniently brushed over. A female only society that kills men and their own male babies sounds pretty god damned misandrist to me. Then there is the original sexist origin story from the creator of Wonder Woman that apparently no men equals a utopia, which is bullshit.

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Sounds like someone is mad because there’s finally going to be a Wonder Woman movie.

What is it like to be related to Wonder Woman, and how can I become as awesome as you?

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Related? I mean, nobody’s ever seen the two of us in the same room, so…

Again, I’m pretty average. But I find that choosing to be kind as much as possible goes a long way.

You're creating a 5 book feminist book list, the goal of which is to educate someone who has never heard of feminism. Go! Okay maybe that's not a question. Please?

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I love this question! In no particular order:
  1. Full-Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti
  2. Feminism is For Everybody by bell hooks
  3. What You Really, Really Want by Jaclyn Friedman (doubles as a sex ed and sexual health primer)
  4. Whipping Girl by Julia Serrano (super compelling)
  5. FAT!So? by Marilyn Wann