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The amount of people who don't understand what you said is alarming. You can masturbate to whoever you fucking want to! That's not harassment! But when you go up to someone and TELL them to their face that you're going to masturbate to them and there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT, that's fucking sexual harassment. That's like street harassment (which IS sexual harassment!). I don't fucking want to know what you think of me or what you're going to do about when you're alone.

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I think the problem here is that Louis CK has a very devoted fan following, and very devoted fan followings like to justify the actions of the person they’re devoted to.

And that’s fine. I totally get that. Hell, I’ve DONE that on several occasions.

Where it becomes less-fine is when the crux of a joke relies on the idea that sexual harassment is funny, and doesn’t do all that much to disprove it; I haven’t seen the episode, but allegedly he looks like a moron/childish/whatever for the rest of it for getting worked up. I want to know why the point couldn’t have been made without normalizing harassment.

Asking that question is sure to piss people off, though. As it already has. Woo!